The Mike Dillon Band – Band of Outsiders

The Mike Dillon Band is a New Orleans jazz punk ensemble. Recorded at Studio Center Miami, Band of Outsiders was produced by Mike Dillon, Richard Maloney, and Gary Vandy; recorded by Richard Maloney and Gary Vandy; and mixed by Gary Vandy and Richard Maloney.

“Ultimately, in the best of ways this record is hardcore while still being musical. It could be the wildest record you hear all year long, and that is a supreme compliment.” -Offbeat Magazine

“The Mike Dillon Band is a predictably gruesome and sublime elixir of stealthy jazz vibes, street poetry raps and post-punk sonic carnage.” –Boulder Weekly

The album was named Top 50 Louisiana Album Releases Of 2014 by Offbeat Magazine, and Mike Dillon was named Best Male Performer by Gambit in 2016.

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